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A Brief Biography of the Site’s Creators

Traveling Back In Time was created by Jenn Bliss and Cliff Pendell, a happily married couple that has been traveling the globe together for more than a decade. Jenn and Cliff met at Arizona State University in 2003 when Cliff was visiting a friend from high school. Within a week of leaving Arizona, he knew he’d found his calling and he vowed to return.

After completing his Associate’s Degree in northern California, Cliff moved to Arizona where he enrolled at ASU and feverishly pursued the love of his life until she had no choice but to surrender. Jenn continued her studies at Arizona State until she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History and minored in Mass Communications.

In 2013, Cliff and Jenn relocated to San Diego where Cliff founded an online life insurance brokerage with four partners. Jenn currently works as a property manager for a Fortune 500 company in the Carmel Valley area. To reach us, please send an email to: